Die strafrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit des Arztes bei Behandlungsfehlern

Ulrich Schroth


一般而言,醫療疏失於德國刑法的規範脈絡下以成立過失傷害或過失致死為主。 醫師原則上擁有醫療上的方法自由,但實施醫療違反醫療準則,即屬非容許的醫療行為。另外,若病患已經就醫療風險受充分告知,此可排除醫療行為之違法性。最後,關於醫療行為之刑事責任的限制,應當透過緩起訴制度為之,因為此一制度較有助於個案獲得確實評價,且讓程序更具彈性。


Criminal Liability of Medical Doctors for Medical Malpractices

Ulrich Schroth


Generally speaking, medical malpractices refer mainly as negligent injury or manslaughter under the sequence of ideas in German Criminal Law. Physicians have methodical individualistic in practicing medicine; however, if a practice violates guidelines of practicing medicine, it is determined as a non-permissible act of medical treatment. Further, if a patient is fully informed of a medical risk, it may preclude an act of medical treatment from illegality. Finally, criminal liability of a medical treatment shall be limited by deferred prosecution, it is conductive to cases to have precise assessments and have more flexibility in procedure.